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GD-32N Universal drill and tool grinder
Name:GD-32N Universal drill and tool grinder
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Universal drill and mill grinder GD-32N


Grinding capacity: Dia. 2mm ~ Dia. 50mm (straight or taper shank) drills, step drills, NC drills,

taps, counter sink drills, end mill lips, round bars.

Double wheels. Just to rotate the motor when want to grind the cutters of different materials. It

could increase the safety and save the time of changing & repairing the grinding wheel.

Adopts precision 6 jaw self-centering chuck.

Set up and grinding is accurate and fast.


Specifications GD-32N
Longitudinal travel of the operating table 90mm
Horizontal travel of the operating table 150mm
Wheel rotate angles 360°
Wheel size 125x50x32mm
Drill front-end Angle 90°~180°
The speed of grinding wheel 2800rpm
Power 0.75kw  380v/220v
Gross Weight 112kg
Packing size 73x50x55cm
GD-32N Universal drill and tool grinder

GD-32N Universal drill and tool grinder


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