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GD-28 Universal drill bit cutter grinder
Name:GD-28 Universal drill bit cutter grinder
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Using a special drill chuck holder, can grind drill bits range 3~28mm. One chuck can hold different sizes drill bits. The tip angle of the drill bit can be adjusted as required; 
Can grind fixed center; the same chuck holder is used for grinding woodworking drill bits and step drill bits;
The operation is simple, easy to operate;
For grinding diameter less than Ф3mm, need to use ER11 extension sleeve;
Diamond grinding wheel can be customized.
Model GD-28
Grinding Range φ1-28 mm
Grinding wheel size(LxWxH) 150 x20x32mm
Voltage 0.37 kw 380 V / 220 V
Grinding wheel rotation speed (60 Hz) 2800 RMP
Packing size(LxWxH) 40 x35x38cm
Gross/Net weights 33/29kg
GD-28 Universal drill bit cutter grinder


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