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Cutter master (GD-66)
Name:Cutter master (GD-66)
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Cutter master(GD-66) 
Mail technical parameter:

End mill capacity (dia. Of shank x dia. Of edge x length) 50 x 225 x 250mm, 2" x 9" x 10" 
Swing over table 245mm, 9-3/4" 
Longitudinal travel (X axis) 150mm, 6" 
Cross travel of table (Y Axis) 75mm, 3" 
Max. Wheel:  125 x 50 x 32mm, 5" x 2" x 1-1/4" 
Tilt adjustment for wheelhead +35° -10° 
Air bearing swivel 360° 
Air bearing stroke 250mm, 10" 
Table infeed graduation 0.02mm, 0.001 
Air bearing graduation 6.3MPa 
Pipe joint diameter Z/4" 1
Collet fit for spindle 5C 
Parallelism between two tables 0.01/100mm, 0.01/100 
Parallelism of sleeve center line to worktable 0.01/100 
Motor speed: 2, 800rpm 3, 450/2, 580rpm 
Voltage 220V ,1 phase 
Power 1HP 

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