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Universal tilting rotary table TSK series
Name:Universal tilting rotary table TSK series
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Tilting Rotary Tables  TSK-250 TSK -320 TSK-400

 This is an accurate designed table for milling, boring and other machine tools. This table allows indexing, facing and

otherwork to be carried out rapidly with extreme precision.

 Tiliting range 0-90 degrees from horizontal to vertical position, 1 rotation of handle equals 3 degrees, 5 minutes tilting

reading.10 Second Vernier Scale.

Table Dial 1 Minute Graduations.

Fast Degrees: Dividing Notch Pin & 24 Holes in 15 Degrees Around The insures Rapid Accurate Spacing.

Minimum Set-up time.   Rugged Construction



Specifications TSK250 TSK320 TSK400
Diameter of table (mm) Φ250 Φ320 Φ400
Mose taper of the center hole 3# 4# 4#
Diameter of the center hole(mm) Φ30*6 Φ40*10 Φ40*10
Width of t-slot (mm) 12 14 14
Adjacent angle of t-slot 60° 60° 60°
Width of the locating key(mm) 14 18 18
Modules of worm and worm gear 2 2.5 3.5
Transmission ratio of the worm gear 1.9 1.9 1.9
Graduation of the table 360° 360° 360°
Tilting table 0°~90° 0°~90° 0°~90°
Readout of the hand wheel 1’ 1′ 1′
Minimum value of vemier 10" 10" 10"
Minimum reading of the tilting vemier 2’ 2’ 2’
Indexing accuracy 60" 60" 60"
Max bearing(with table hor)kg 200 250 300
Max bearing(with table vert)kg 100 125 150
Net weight kg 80 135 280
Gross weight kg 93 150 305
Case dimensions mm 550*430*330 630*490*395 830*600*460

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