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GD-026 Front and Rear Angle Gear Grinder
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GD-026 Front and Rear Angle Gear Grinder
Name:GD-026 Front and Rear Angle Gear Grinder
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The aircraft's design is based on the characteristics of similar models at home and abroad, absorbing and analyzing the advantages of the same type, while making some functional improvements.

1. Preset multiple sets of tooth types, one-touch multi-function operation.

2. Tilting flat teeth can be completed at one time, CNC grinding, any tooth type, can increase 3 times efficiency; Improved tooth extraction operation, improve accuracy and prolong service life.

Item Numerical Value Remark
Processing parameters Processing diameter range
Hole size φ10mm—φ200mm
Max width 7mm
tooth distance: 7mm—100mm
Front and back grinding angle range -3°—  30° Limited by tooth spacing
back grinding angle range 6°— 40°
Rear oblique grinding angle range Left and right≥45°
Grinding stroke 0mm—25mm
Grinding speed 0.5mm/s—6mm/s
Working speed <20tooth/min

Wheel shape Dish shape
Grinding wheel parameter wheel outer diameter φ125mm
wheel inner diameter φ32mm
Cooling System Wheel line speed 26 m/s
Coolant pump flow 25L/min
Cooling System Water tank rated capacity 80L
Hydraulic Pressure Hydraulic pump flow L/min
Hydraulic working pressure 4.0MPa
Rated capacity of oil tank 50L
Machine 长Length 1700mm
宽Width 1350mm
高Height 1800mm
1000kg Excluding attachments

Packing List

Item Name Model Unit Qty Remark
1 Hydraulic Oil No.46 Antiwear high pressure oil Kg 50
2 Inner Hexagon Spanner 1.5~10mm Set 1
3 Inner Hexagon Spanner T-type 6mm pc 1
4 Inner Hexagon Spanner T-type 8mm pc 1
5 Spanner Open-type 32mm pc 1
6 Lengthened Bar φ10、φ12 Set 1
7 Grinding Wheel φ125×φ32 Using to Grind Face pc 1
8 Grinding Wheel φ125×φ32Using to Grind  the Top pc 1
9 Grinding Wheel Head Using to fix the grinding wheel set 1
10 Grinding Wheel Head Using to fix the grinding wheel set 1
11 Central Axis φ12 pc 1
12 Central Sleeve φ30×12 pc 1 Equipped with processing saw blade center hole. If you need more than one specification, you can customize
13 Central Sleeve φ25.4×12 pc 1
14 Central Sleeve φ22×10 pc 1
15 Central Sleeve φ20×10 pc 1
16 Auxiliary Relay 24V Direct-current pc
17 Work Lamp 24V Direct-current pc
18 Operation Instruction pc 1
GD-026 Front and Rear Angle Gear Grinder


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