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GD-618D electric surface grinding machine
Name:GD-618D electric surface grinding machine
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♦ The machine has reasonable structure, good rigidity, beautiful appearance and convenient operation;
♦ On the basis of 618/820 surface grinder, the manual operation has been changed to electric control, which significantly improves the work efficiency and reduces the labor intensity, especially during performing large-volume workpiece grinding, significantly improves surface finish accuracy in the comparison with manual grinders;
♦ Spindle bearings use P4 precise rolling bearings.
♦ The spindle adopts labyrinth seal, which is water- and dustproof;
♦ Can grind different flat or complex shape workpieces with the modification of the grinding wheel;
♦ Electromagnetic or permanent-magnet chuck can be customized according to client's requirements.

Specifications Unit GD-618D
Cross travel of work table mm 500
Longitudinal travel of work table mm 190
The distance from spindle to work table mm 335
Max loading weight Kg 200
Table size(L×W×H) mm 460×180
T-slotT-slot mm×n 14×1
Table speed(infinitely variable speeds) m/min 3~25
Slide way
Gross feed of handle wheel mm 0.02/shelf2.5/circle
Cross automatic feed(infinitely variable speeds) mm 0.5-20
Cross fast feed r/min 144
Size(O.D×W×I.D) mm 180×13×31.75
Spindle rpm 50Hz rpm 2850
Transition motor 30-6000
Total power Kw 1.29
Grinding head motor power Kw 1.1
Depth of parallelism of the precessing surface to the becse level mm Processing 400 Depth of Parallelism 0.01
The surface roughness μm Ra0.63
Total power input w 150
X-Feed the output speed r/min 0-225
X-Feeder size mm 280×130×120
Y-Feeder output speed r/min 0-120
Y-Feeder size mm 280×130×120
cross autokinesis motor Kw 0.2
horizontal autokinesis motor Kw 0.2
Machine size(L×W×H) mm 950×1100×1590
Packing size(L×W×H) mm 1000×1150×1760
Gross weight / Net weight Kg 770 / 670


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