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GD-150J CNC diamond superhard cutting tool grindin
Name:GD-150J CNC diamond superhard cutting tool grindin
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Machine features:

1. The machine mechanical structure: the machine tool bed (base) is made of high quality solid casting, weighing 1.6 tons, the main parts can meet the requirements of any superhard material grinding.
2. The machine tool spindle, grinding head with high precision, frequency control of motor speed motorized spindle power: 3. O kw, top speed of 4000 r/min, the circulating water cooling, grinding head spindle rotation accuracy: 0.002 mm side jump and jump of 0.003 mm diameter.
3. Manual feed mechanism: machine adopts "rapid feed" and "precision feed" two ways, respectively for fast feed/return feed (0.5 mm/roll) and work (3 mm/roll), improved the production efficiency and ensure the precision of feed.
4. Grinding head swinging, controlled by the intelligent components electrical swing smoothly and no reverse vibration, oscillation amplitude adjust at between 0 to 30 mm, uniform grinding wheel consumption and timely self-sharpening, guarantee the grinding accuracy and roughness.
5. Online CCD measurement: using optical microscope, a CCD camera and of industrial monitor and measurement system for the knife, make the machine tool can be accurately detected from the various R0.05 ~ the R20 arc tip, can accurately measure the grooving knife width and the Angle of the blade.
6. Grinding wheel axial-radial lock: grinding wheel spindle radial locking technology, make the two circular guide rail is concave and convex hold the brake tight, achieve smooth without clearance contact, greatly enhance the rigidity of the equipment.The adjustment of the grinding wheel elevation (decision after cutting tool Angle) does not change the position of the center line of the grinding wheel, so coarse fine grinding without adjusting grinding wheel height.
A technical breakthrough
1. The design of double location: in the two stations for machine tool, can easily operate and observe.To station (spindle) can avoid the splashing water;Side location convenient to cut off the knife and knife special cutting tools such as grinding.
2. The vertical axis of the optimization: adjust the trace of vertical shaft elevator integration on the fixture of the workbench, greatly enhances the stability and rigid of the equipment.
parameter GD-150J
Grinding wheel diameter 150mm
Grinding wheel installation aperture 40mm
The grinding shaft power 3Kw
Adjustable speed range 500~4,000RPM/min
Cooling water tank volume with isolation about 70
Optical microscope magnification 0.7~4.5  times
Without integration of the overall size of the cooling system 1890×1650×1980mm
Including the overall weight of the water cooling tank 2400Kg
Mains power supply 12Kw
The power supply voltage 380V/three-phase/50Hz

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