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MQ6025A Universal tool grinder
Name:MQ6025A Universal tool grinder
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This machine is specially suitable for grinding tools of HSS, tungsten carbide and other materials. Convenient for cylindrical, surface groove and forming surface grinding work. With the usage of additional attachments, can grind various gears, worm wheel hobs, forming cutters, ball end mills, twist drill bits, taper reamer, etc.
The grinding head structure is flexible, can be adjusted in two dimensions. The headstock can be rotated in both directions, has international standard NT50 taper from one side and Morse 5# taper from the other side for easy installation of different tools and attachments. The working table adopts loading linear guide rails, operating smoothly and precise.

Parameters MQ6025A
Swing dia.of workpiece 250mm
Distance between centers 700mm
Area if tge ioeratuib tavke 940*135mm
Longitudinal travel of table 480mm
Swing angle of table 120°(60°)
Max travel of wheel head cross wertica 225mm
Wheel center line of the min distance between the top 50mm
Wheel center line of the max distance bewteen the top 265mm
The max movement in the vertical direction 270mm
Wheel certer line up to the top 200mm
Wheel certer line down to the top 65mm
Swing angle of wheel head in horizontal pline 360°
Swing angle of wheel head in vertical pline 30°(±15°)
The end taper of the spindle MT3# TAPER ANGLE
Grinding head motor power 50Hz Power 0.85/1.1KW
Speed 1400/2800rpm
The speed of grinding head 3010/6010rpm
The Motor of Cylindrical grinding attachment:50Hz Power 0.25KW
Speed 1400RPM
The size of the machine 1650*1150*1500mm
The weight of the machine 940kg

Random Accessories
universal grinding attachment 1 set
Wheel dresser 1 set
Wheel guard 2 pcs
tailstock Each 1pcs
Cutter saw support equipment 1 set
cutter arbor Φ22,27,32 Each 1pcs
drawbar M24(NT50) 1pcs
inner hexagan spanner 1 set
inner spindle mandrel 1pcs
foot pad 3pcs
tool box 1pcs
Grinding wheel 2pcs

Special Accessories
bob sharpehing accessories 1set
divided plate 1pcs
Drills grinding attachment 1set
Taper reaming grinding attachment 1set
Swing angle of table 1set
3 jaw chuck 1set
round magnetic chuck 1set
universal-tilt rectangular magnetic chuck 1set
Dust-free cleaner 1set
cooling system 1set
extral long wheel spindle 1set
MT5# taper 1set
Round spindle 1set
electronic scale device 1set
double-end wheel dresser 1set
ball mill flank grinding atlachment 1set
precision wheel dresser 1set
machine vise 1pcs


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