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MQ6025YA Hydraulic  tool grinder
Name:MQ6025YA Hydraulic tool grinder
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Product features:

This series of machine tools are suitable for high speed steel, hard alloy or other materials,It is also easy to grind the outer circle, the plane groove and the forming surface and so on.If equipped with special accessories, but also a variety of grinding gear, worm gear hob, forming cutter, ball milling cutter, drill, reamer cone etc..

This series machine tool grinding wheel rack mechanism is flexible,can do 2 dimensional adjustment,work head to do two-way rotary,no. 50 taper hole with international standards,easy to install a variety of tools fixtures.The working table is supported on the ball guide rail with preload, and the operation is smooth and precise. The working table can be operated by hand or by stepless speed regulation hydraulic drive.

Technical parameters MQ6025YA
Head stock and tail stock top maximum distance 545mm
The max distance of  the longitudinal tail frame top 650mm
Max grinding diameter 250mm
Apex center high 130mm
Grinding max lenth of O.D 270mm
Workbench manual travel 400mm
workbench hydraulic travel 400mm
workbench max rotating angle ±45°
Grinding wheel rack moving travel  horizontal/longitudinal 230/250mm
Grinding wheel rack lifting speed 280mm/min
The distance from the grinding wheel shaft to the working table face   Max/Min 398/48mm
Horizontal rotation angle of grinding wheel frame 360°
Tilt angle of grinding wheel frame ±15°
Grinding wheel spindle speed 4000rpm
Machine total power 3.15kw
Machine sizeL×W×H 134x132x132cm
Packing sizeL×W×H 182x155x164cm
Net weight/Gross weight 1300/1150

Random accessories
Universal chuck 1Set
Left tail stock 1Set
Center gauge 1Set
Wheel dresser 1Set
Wheel flange and shield 3Set
Right tail frame 1Set
Cutter tooth stretcher 1Set
wheel 5Set
Extension shaft 1Set

Special accessories
Spiral grinding accessories 1Set
Universal wheel corrector 1Set
Drill sharpening attachment 1Set
3 jaw chuck 1Set
Circular permanent magnet sucker 1Set
Dust collector 1Set
Universal vise 1Set
Grinding wheel balancer 1Set
Cooling device 1Set
Plus Changsha axle 1Set
Spring collets 14Pcs
Table micro feed mechanism 1Set
Digital display device 1Set
Double end grinding wheel corrector 1Set
Ball end mill cutter flank grinding accessories 1Set
Digital optical wheel dresser 1Set
Universal grinding frame 1Set

Work precision MQ6025YA
Straightness 0.005mm
Surface roughness Ra:0.63μm

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