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GD-6025Q Automatic tool grinder
Name:GD-6025Q Automatic tool grinder
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The operating table adopts high-precision linear guide rails, the table is stable and the operation is easy;

The spindle adopts imported bearings, operating table and the taper

can be adjusted;

With a variety of accessories can be ground: forming tools, end mills, R-type milling cutters, reamers, turning tools,

R-type turning tools,gear cutters, drill bits, engraving knives, full back cutters, chamfering knives, round knives,

outer grinding, planar grooves, forming surface, etc.

Note: The first frame spindle cone can be designed according to the customer request

GD-6025QAutomatic tool grinder
Longitudinal travel of table (mm) 300
Cross travel of table (mm) 120
Vertical adjustment of wheel head (mm) 140
Rotating angle of wheel head (mm) 360°
Speed of grinding wheel (rpm) 3600
Main motor (W/V) 550W 380V
Attachment motor (W/V) 60W 380V
Attachment height (mm) 135
Taper of spindle MT3#
Taper of attachment spindle MT4#
The workbench size (mm) 130×680
Grinding wheel size Accept OEM
Net weight/Gross weight (kg) 209/240
Packing size (cm) 127×82×148


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