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GD-300B Cylindrical Grinding Machine
Name:GD-300B Cylindrical Grinding Machine
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♦ This machine is mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical surfaces of small shafts, round sleeves, needle valves, plungers, etc. Workpiece installation can be achieved with centers, three-jaw chuck, spring chuck and other special attachments. Suitable for processing small parts in the industries of instrument, automobile, electromechanical equipment, bearing, textile, shipbuilding, sewing machine, machine tool, etc;
♦ The longitudinal movement of the table can be hydraulic and manual. The grinding head and headstock can be rotated. The hydraulic system uses gear wheels with good characteristics;
♦ The machine is suitable for mechanical repair shops, small and medium tools batch production units;
♦ The distance between centers is 300mm;
♦ GD-M3080A headstock through-hole can be customized up to 40mm, unidirectional four-jaw chuck can be adjusted.
Technical parameters GD-M3080A GD-M3080B
 Grinding diameter of OD/ID Φ2-Φ80mm Φ2-Φ80/Φ10-Φ60mm
Can customize small diameter spindle
 Griding lenth of OD/ID 300mm 300/125mm
Can customize lengthening axis))
 Center height   115mm 115mm
 Max workpiece weight 10kg 10kg
 Workbench speed 0.1~4m/min 0.1~4m/min
 Grinding wheel line speed 35m/sec 35m/sec
 Max travel of workbench 340mm 340mm
 Workbench rotation range -5°~+9° -5°~+9°
 External grinding wheel size MaxΦ250x25xΦ75mm  MinΦ180x25xΦ75mm MaxΦ250x25xΦ75mm  MinΦ180x25xΦ75mm
 Inner spindle speed  16000r/min
 Tail stock taper morse NO.3 morse NO.3 morse
 Machine overall dimensions(L×W×H) 1360x1240x1000mm 1360x1240x1000mm
 Machine weight 950kg 950kg
 Motor total power 2.5kw 2.5kw

Main accessories
Cooling tank 1set
Grinding wheel pressing plate 1set
Internal grinding tool (3080B配) 1set
Support point base 3pieces
Griding wheel dresser 1set
Grinding wheel balance shaft 1set
Three jawchuck (3080B配100) 1set
Chuck seat (3080B配) 1piece
Alloy head center 2pieces
Wheel balancing device 1set

Special accessories
Arc dresser 1set
Closed center frame 1set

Work precision
Roundness(O.D/I.D) 0.002/0.005μm(O.D/I.D )
The surface roughness(O.D/I.D) Ra0.25/0.63μm (O.D/I.D )


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