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2M9120A Multi-function grinding machine
2M9120A Multi-function grinding machine
Model: Universal cutter grinder
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 2M9120A  Multi-use grinder is a multipurpose machine, it would have universal cylindrical grinder and the characteristics of cutting tool grinder, can undertake a wide range of grinding;


To interior and exterior surface of grinding cylindrical, conical, especially small cylindrical and large taper parts, also facilitate general grinding tool, all kinds of milling cutter, reamer, reamer drill, gear shaper cutter, etc;

Can also grinding plane, cant and dividing components.


Such as order our special accessories, can also straight flute grinding hob.If the accessories, can also enlarge the using range of machine tool.



This machine is applicable to:


1, the need for the above all kinds of grinding, but live miscellaneous quantity is little, do not need to be equipped with a set of universal grinding machine small plant, the local agricultural machinery plants.

2, in machine shops, tool workshop, research department, etc.

3, work area is finite, need multi-use of occasions.


parameter 2M9120A
Maximum turning diameter Φ200mm
Maximum length of workpiece 500mm
Grinding plane biggest size 300×125mm
Grinding tool size Φ200×500mm
The maximum weight of grinding workpiece 10kg
Cylindrical grinding Φ5~Φ50mm
Grinding within range Φ10~Φ50mm
Head spindle speed 110,200,300rpm
The turning Angle of the frame body ±90º
Grinding wheel rack is the measure of the mobile vertical/horizontal 200/200mm
Grinding wheel spindle speed 2500rpm
Within the circle grinding head spindle speed 13500rpm
Workbench manual trip 480mm
Table longitudinal movement speed <7m/min
The workbench maximum turning Angle ±45º_-30º
The machine total power 2.905kw
Machine tool shape dimension 1520×1133×1173mm
Packing size 1900×1400×1630mm
Gross/net weight 1700/1285kg
Note: Morse taper spindle hole # 3
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