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EMU400 Series 5-Axis CNC Vertical milling machinin
EMU400 Series 5-Axis CNC Vertical milling machinin
Model: CNC Vertical milling machining center
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Items Technical parameters  Unit EMU400 EMU400MT(With turning)
Processing range Maximum diameter of workpiece  
mm Φ450 Φ450
Table Diameter mm Φ450,370×370♦ Φ450,370×370♦
Maximum workpiece weight kg 500 500
Distance of travel X/Y/Z axis displacement mm 350/350/340 350/350/340
A axis rotation range  
  -130°~+130° -130°~+130°
C axis rotation range  
  Not limit Not limit
Tool spindle Max torque S1/S6 Nm 42/62  5.6/10♦ 42/62  5.6/10♦
maximum speed of revolution 
rpm 16000  20000♦ 15000  20000♦
Rated power  
kw 16  7.5♦ 15.5  7.5♦
The knife handle   HSK-A63 HSK-A50♦ BT30♦ HSK-A63 HSK-A50♦
Cutting tool center out of the water   Not support support♦ Not support support♦
Spindle orientation   Support Support
Positioning and locking    Not support Support
 A axis drive  
 Driving way of A axis    Direct drive of torque motor Direct drive of torque motor
A axis drive torque S1/S6 Nm 689/1250 (single drive) 689/1250 (single drive)
 C axis drive  
Driving way of C axis   Direct drive of torque motor  
Direct drive of torque motor  
C axis drive torque S1/S6 Nm 315/582 379/580
Max feed speed X axis /Z axis /Y axis m/min 48,60♦ 48,60♦
A axis rpm 30 30
C axis rpm 80 600
Control resolution X axis /Z axis /Y axis mm 0.001,0.0001♦ 0.001,0.0001♦
C axis   0.001°,0.0001°♦ 0.001°,0.0001°♦
Full closed loop control X axis /Z axis /Y axis   Standard configuration Standard configuration
A axis /C axis   Standard configuration Standard configuration
 Positioning accuracy X axis /Z axis /Y axis mm 0.008,0.005♦ 0.008,0.005♦
A axis /C axis   8″,5″♦ 8″,5″♦
Repeat Positioning accuracy X axis /Z axis /Y axis mm 0.005,0.003♦ 0.005,0.003♦
A axis /C axis  
  5″,3″♦ 5″,3″♦
Tool magazine      Tool magazine capacity   22 22
Maximum tool diameter mm Φ63 Φ63
Maximum tool length mm 230 230
Maximum tool weight  
kg 7 7
Attachments Wireless workpiece measuring head mm  Repeat accuracy + / - 0.003 
Repeat accuracy + / - 0.003
The knife instrument 
mm Repeat accuracy + / - 0.003  
 Repeat accuracy + / - 0.003  
Weight and  Size Net Weight of Machine T About 6 tons About 6 tons
Outline size (L x W x H) mm 4200*2389*2238 4200*2389*2238
Packing size (L x W x H) mm 4280*2750*2590 4280*2750*2590
Numerical control system Supplier 
  Ke Elmer's technology co., LTD. / German Hyde han
Model number   KOLMACH M45 / HEIDENHAIN530 bus type numerical control system  
HMI   15 inch, 19 inch  
♦ For Optional     ◊ The above indicators may change due to product upgrading or technical improvement


Configuration Table
EMU Series Configuration Item EMU400 EMU600 EMU800
Spindle annular water
Tool length measuring device
High-speed high-precision module
Rigid tapping
Smatr water coolant
Tool detection function
Automatic workpiece measuring device
Full closed loop control
Workpice blowing air
Spindle biowing air
Spindle center cooling
Workpiece washing gun
Oil&water coolant
Cabinet intelligent air conditioner
Auto Power Off
Safety Door Switches
Plug-hand wheel
LED lighting
External air gun
Automatic lubrication system
Oil water separetor
Oil mist collector
Machine top cover
Leveling adjustment nut and pads
Machine outside the automatic chip conveyor
Disc cutter
Tools/tool box
♦ Optional Configuration         ◊ Selection Configuration



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