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A4 4 Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine
A4 4 Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine
Model: CNC Tool Grinding Machine
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Machine tool structure:Lathe bed(pedestal,Y pallet,Z stand column)are made of natural granite, with excellent thermal stability,good shock absorption.

Working principle: Five-axis CNC control,deploy self-developed macro program.

Machine USE:Processing spiral groove, graver, spiral hob, hobbing cutter, disk cutter, circular saw blades,Simple contour knives, woodworking tools.    

Paremeter A4 Remark
Parameter 300mm  
Grinding length 200mm  
Grinding diameter 200mm  
Travel X-axis 300mm  
Travel Y-axis 250mm  
Travel Z-axis 200mm  
X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy ≤0.01mm  
X/Y/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy ≤0.005mm  
X/Y/Z axis rapid traverse speed 12.5m/min  
A axis rotation angle 360°  
A-axis min  resolution 0.001°  
Electric spindle speed 1000-9000rpm  
The inner diameter of the wheel that can be installed 31.75mm  
The outter diameter of the wheel that can be installed 60-150mm  
The number of grinding wheels that can be mounted 3pc  
Electric spindle power 3KW  
The X axis servo motor power 1.0KW  
The Y axis servo motor power 1.0KW  
The Z axis servo motor power 1.5KW  
The A axis servo motor power 1.5KW  
Linear guide precision P级 HIWIN
Ball screw precision C3 HIWIN
Machine tatol power 9KW  
CNC system EDrawMaxcn Taiwan
Optional accessories CNC system,main spindle,screw guide,drive motor.  
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