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A3 3 Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine
A3 3 Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine
Model: CNC Tool Grinding Machine
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A3 3 Axis CNC Tool Grinding Machine

Working Principle of Machine:3 axis numerical control.
Use of Machine:be able to produce spiral groove, disc mill, spiral hob, gear hobbing cutter, round saw blade.
Parameter A3
Workpiece helix length 300mm
Workpiece end length 200mm
workpiece diameter 250mm
Longitudinal travel 200mm
X-axis travel 300mm
Y-axis travel 200mm
X/Y-axis positional accuracy ≤0.02mm
X/Y-axis repeat positional accuracy ≤0.01mm
X/Y-axis fast moving accuracy 12.5m/min
Z-axis rotating angle 360°
Z-axis min degree of resolution 0.001°
Spindle rotating speed 3600rpm
Inner diameter of the wheel 32mm or 31.75mm
Outer diameter of the wheel 60-150mm
Spindle power 0.75KW
X-axis servo motor power 1.0KW
Y-axis servo motor power 1.2KW
Z-axis servo motor power 1.5KW
Cooling pump 0.09KW
automatic lubricant oil pump 0.1KW
Total power 5KW
Numerical control system GSK system
Optional accessories Numerical control system, spindle, screw guide rail, driver motor









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