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EG-20 end mill grinding machine
EG-20  end mill grinding machine
Model: end mill grinder
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1. The machine can be fast grinding blade 2, 3, 4 blade blade, carbide and HSS milling cutter.Can use tungsten steel bar directly into milling cutter, knife is used for rough machining.
2. Easy to operate simple, one minute can finish grinding milling cutter, the blade accuracy within 0.1 mm.
3. The brushless dc motor speed adjusting 7000 RPM.
4. A one-time finish against the knife, grinding amount adjust at will.
parameter EG-12 EG-20
Scope of grinding ф2-ф12 ф4-ф20
Cutter blade number 2 blade, 3blade, 4 blade 2 blade, 3blade, 4 blade
The bottom of the cutter blade grinding Angle Cutter blade Angle before 7 °, bevel Angle after 20 °, 30 ° Cutter blade Angle before 6 °, bevel Angle after 20 °, 30 °
The power supply 220V±10%AC 220V±10%AC
The motor output power 450W 650W
speed 7000RPM 7000RPM
Overall dimensions 240x240x250mm 320x280x280mm
The weight of the 12Kg 18Kg


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