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volcanic eruptions in Iceland

Time:2011-05-27 11:06:23     Views:     Keywords:re-spread volcanic ash ,effection on shipping by air or by express  

volcanic eruptions in Iceland

the re-spread volcanic ash have caused over a thousand times cancellation of flights in Europe
17, due to re-spread to Northern Europe Iceland volcanic ash, the major European airports to cancel flights more than a thousand times, tens of thousands of passengers affected. But the next few days the situation will improve.

Two major UK airports Heathrow and Gatwick airports closed all night from 16 until 17 pm  was re-opened. Times as many flights were delayed, Heathrow Airport recommends passengers in advance.

British Aviation Authority said it was monitoring the drift to change the direction of the ash, so the two airports to lift the flight ban.

Another major aviation hub in Europe, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, about 500 flights were canceled trip, six million passengers stranded at the airport. Until 17 pm, passengers were finally able to begin boarding.

However, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland and Scotland, some of the small airport still closed. Danish aviation authorities said that due to volcanic ash over the North Sea is still intense, the aircraft had to bypass the North Sea area.

there are the two test flight risk in Germany on 17th, the current test results are not yet introduced. But the German aviation authority said, "German airspace above the low density of volcanic ash, there is no need to cut flights. "

European shipping management and coordination agency "European air traffic control, " said the flights that day under normal conditions in Europe declined by about a thousand times. But the next few days, will gradually eliminate the impact of volcanic ash, the European Aviation is expected to fully recover within the week.

Iceland Eyjafjallajokull violent volcanic eruption of this month once again, the formation of volcanic dust over Europe. Volcanic ash, aircraft engines running, serious cases, lead to the crash.

because of the volcanic eruptions in Iceland,it may have some bad effection of the shipping by air and by express.but we will try our best to delivery the goods to customers in time.

by sunny dai

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