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Development and trend of grinding machine industry

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Development and trend of Tool grinding machine industry
Nowadays ,most ordinary HSS cutting tool and welding hard alloy tools have already could  not meet the requirement of modern processing technic ,and gradually replaced by precision hard alloy integrate cutting tool and CNC transposition cutting tool,and with the development of grinding machine ,they have meet the processing technic requirement of grinding mass, varieties ,high precision hard alloy cutting tool.according to the customer’s requirement different machine have different advantages .
At present, the  lower down   threshold of producing hard alloy cutting tool has   promoted the expand of the cutting tool industry ,accelerated the competition of the cutting tool field ,at mean time make the cost and sale price of cutting tool constantly lower down .
There are two main way to grinding the cutting tool: one is manual grinding ,this is suit for not high precision ,simple shaped cutting tool,this method have high demand of grinding person,he must have knowledge of cutting tool.the other way is grinding by the manufacturer ,customer usually bring the used cutter to the manufacturer and entrust them to grinding ,this is suit for high precision and complicated shaped cutters,and this way is grinding by software program and probe’s precise position .and after grinding the cutter’s performance and life can reach 90% of new cutter,so grinding of cutter is economical and environmental friendly .
With increasing competition of product ,customer require manufacturer provide steady performance,long life, short delivery ,low cost cutting tool,and cutting tool manufacturer require the grinding machine manufacturer to provide easy-operate ,short time of adjusting ,low operation technical requirement grinding machine.this show that the grinding machine should develop to high efficiency ,low price ,low failure rate,and high precision.

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