The main purpose of the tool grinding machine

Grinder use abrasives (grinding wheel, sand belts, the oil-stone or abrasive materials, etc.) as a tool for workpiece surface cutting machine, collectively referred to as grinder. Universal tool grinder, grinding machine can process all kinds of surface, such as internal and external cylindrical surface and cone face, layout, gear gallery face, spiral face and various formed surface, etc., can also cutting tool and cutting,

Process very extensive. Due to the grinding get high machining accuracy and good surface quality, so grinding machine is mainly used in precision parts, especially hardened steel parts and high hardness special material finishing. gong da precision machinery Co., LTD. Has been committed to the production and development of machine tools, each kind of product all passes through the strict quality management, its quality deep obtain the affirmation of the clients from home and abroad.

The lathe is mainly used in processing various rotary surface and axially symmetrical face. Such as turning cylindrical surface, tapered noodles, and turn surface forming slot and rings, turning end and various common thread, equipped with craft equipment can also processing various special shape face. On a lathe can also do drilling, reaming, reaming, knurling, etc.

Milling machine is a kind of extensive use of machine tool, in milling machine can processing plane (horizontal plane, vertical plane), groove (keyways, t-shaped chamfer, swallow tail trough etc.), runs tooth parts (gears, spline, sprocket lovely, spiral surface (thread, spiral groove) and various surface. In addition, it can also be applied to the surface of axially symmetrical, in the hole processing and cut off work, etc.

Milling machine is at work, in the workbench or workpiece outfit, indexing top accessories mainly by rotating milling cutter movement, the table or milling head feeding movement, workpiece can obtain required processing surface. Because be many knives, and milling machine cutting staccato of productivity is higher.


Slotting machines are mainly used to process various plane (water plane, and vertical cant and various groove, such as T shape chamfer, swallow tail trough, v-shaped trough, etc.), linear molding surfaces. If equipped with imitation shape device, still can processing space surface, such as steam turbine impeller, spiral groove, etc. This kind of machine tool is simple in structure, return not cutting, so productivity is low,

General for sheet small batch production.

Boring suitable for machining workshop for single piece or small batch production parts of planar milling and hole processing, spindle box ends design have flat spin dish radial cutter, can accurate size larger hole 1ta series peaceful face. Besides can conduct drilling, reaming and thread processing.

Drilling machine widely used in machine tools, but the general parts drilling, reaming, reaming, can even receive offers on plane and tapping screw threads etc processing. In the radial drilling machine with technology and equipment, and can be boring; In TaiZuan matchs on MDT - thousands of can workbench (180 type), still can milling keyways.

Gear processing machine tool gear is the most commonly used transmission parts, a straight tooth, helical and one word tooth cylindrical gears, straight tooth and arc tooth taper gear, worm and the circular gear, etc. Processing gear teeth gear processing machine called the surface of machine tools.

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